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Khaos Brewing Beer

Now Featuring 12 Taps!

To-Go Cans & Crowlers Available (Supplies Limited)

O-Ya Hazy Brown IPA

O-Ya (Hazy Brown IPA) (5.9% ABV)


O-Ya (Hazy Brown IPA) (5.9% ABV) 

Double Dry Hopped Hazy Brown IPA made with Midwest Proprietary Hops Gemini, Mackinac and Emerald Spire from the Great Lakes Hop Breeding Program.

We took a traditional Hazy Grain Bill and added Dark Malt to create a Hazy Brown finish.

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Delusional Happiness (Belgium Tripel) (8.1% ABV)


Delusional Happiness (Belgium Tripel) (8.1% ABV)

You'll first notice the glowing Pink hue which comes from the Hibiscus. 

As you raise your glass you'll then detect notes of Banana and Clove coming from the Belgium Yeast. 

Your first sip of this "booze bomb" will taste strong, sugary and leave you with a crisp mouthfeel and sweet finish. 

We used Belgium Rock Sugar (basically Rock Candy) to sweeten this bad boy up!

You'll know you're drinking a Tripel as you start to feel warm after a few sips...Proost!

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Chuggie (Pilsner) (5.3% ABV)

 TAP 3

Chuggie wanted to grow up to be as popular as the other crushable Beers he saw on TV commercials. 

We worked hard to help him grow into his beautiful coloration, a crisp bite and the perfect flavor for all day drinking. 

Enjoy this easy drinking, better tasting Pilsner on Tap at Khaos Brewcade & Kitchen!

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Pokey Poke (Double IPA) (6.5% ABV) (68 IBUs)


(Double IPA) (6.5% ABV) (69 IBUs)

Our Pokey Poke Double IPA has a hazy appearance with citrusy, tropical notes. 

This juicy Double IPA will leave you with a pillowy mouthfeel and has a strong bitter aftertaste resulting from the hops. 

It's a bit boozy at 6.5% ABV. 

Always remember to be responsible when you pokey poke!

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Lil Beaver Bro Science (Triple New England Style IPA) (9.0% ABV)

Tap 5 

(Triple New England Style IPA) (9.0% ABV)

Triple New England Style IPA, Triple Dry Hopped with Citra, El Dorado and Mosaic.

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713 (Pale Ale) (5.0% ABV)


This dry-hopped, easy drinking old school Pale Ale is brewed with Cascade Hops and Caramel Malt. Finishes with citrusy Tropical notes. 

This Pale is classic, simple and part of our brewing roots as a Khaos Brewing original.

Experience this beautifully balanced Pale Ale on Tap!

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Tropical Sexy Disaster Seltzer (Hard Seltzer) (6.0% ABV)


Tropical Hard Seltzer infused with America's Favorite Energy Drink - Red Bull! 

We took our base Seltzer "Sexy Disaster" and infused it with Tropical Red Bull! 

This Seltzer in our Sexy Disaster Series is extremely refreshing and drinkable at 6.0% ABV. 

Enjoy this Hard Seltzer on Tap or in 12 ounce To-Go Cans at Khaos Brewcade & Kitchen! 

*Also Available in To-Go 12 ounce Cans*


Bell's Rind over Matter (Wheat Beer) (5.0% ABV)


Brewing beer isn’t just a collection of ingredients and techniques, it takes an act of will. With a dash of real lemon and orange zest, this wheat ale is bright and refreshing, joining Oberon and Bright White as part of our rotational Wheat Series. It’s more than the sum of its parts, it’s Rind Over Matter™.

Imperial Bear Wrangler Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Bear Wrangler (Russian Imperial Stout) (13.5% ABV) (88 IBUs)

Tap 9 

This Stout is Black as Night and as Boozed up as your uncle for the Holidays. With subtle hints of Chocolate and Toffee with a light spice on the back end from malted Rye. This beer is a nightcap and dessert in a glass.

Please enjoy responsibly. 

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Dropping Lederhosen (Märzen) (7.0% ABV)

TAP 10

This take on a traditional Märzen style beer is malty and lightly touches on all the classic Oktoberfest Flavors with subtle sweetness on the back end to help support the 7% ABV that will have your lederhosen dropping in no time.  


Khaos Brewing Oktoberfest Special starting September 13th!

Khaos Brewing Dropping Lederhosen (Märzen) (7.0% ABV) 16 Ounce Pour

Khaos Brewing Beer Stein

Khaos Brewcade Gaming Wristband (Good 9/13 - 10/3)

$5 Dropping Lederhosen Refill Pours

All for just $25!

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Funk Off (Berliner Weisse) (3.8% ABV) (3.8 IBUs)

TAP 11

We are proud to introduce our very first Berliner Weisse Sour Ale from Khaos Brewing! 

100 pounds of fresh Raspberries helped us produce the beautiful Peach/Pink color.  An aroma of tart and sweet will hit you as you bring this refreshing libation to your lips. 

You'll fall in love after just one sip of this smooth and satisfying Sour Ale that leaves you with a lingering tart Raspberry flavor on the tip of your tongue.  


Ciderboys Pineapple Hula (Cider) (5.0% ABV)

TAP 12

Taste rides an unexpected wave.  Refreshing sweet tart flavor alive with the inspired pairing of apple and screaming yellow pineapple.  Big citrus taste born of a feeling the wave will never go flat.  You close your eyes at the peak moment a tremendous feeling rushes over you.  It's wild.  Ride it out.

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Khaos Oktoberfest

Coming Soon!

Khaos Brewing Oktoberfest Special starting September 13th!

Khaos Brewing Dropping Lederhosen (Märzen) (7.0% ABV) 16 Ounce Pour

Khaos Brewing Beer Stein

Khaos Brewcade Gaming Wristband (Good 9/13 - 10/3)

$5 Dropping Lederhosen Refill Pours

All for just $25!


Orangegasmic (Double IPA) (6.9% ABV)

Our epic SMASH-Style IPA.

Bergamot Hops are the star of the show and they have the nickname O.A.F. for a reason!

These Hops give Orangegasmic its strong Orange Citrus taste and aroma.

Come enjoy the magic that is Orangegasmic!


a glass of wine

Piña Colada Panda (Milkshake IPA) (6.5% ABV)

Do you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain? Mr. Panda does! 

To create Piña Colada Panda we took the same base recipe as Dirty Thoughts Panda IPA, but went with a Pina Colada twist…

We added a huge helping of Pineapple and Coconut to this batch! 

Your go-to Beer won't mind if you enjoy one...definitely swipe right on Piña Colada Panda! 


Accountability Buddy (Lager) (4.7% ABV)

Accountability Buddy (Lager) (4.7% ABV) is similar to all the Beers you used to steal out of your Dad's Refrigerator!  Enjoy it responsibly with a buddy today at Khaos Brewcade!  Cheers to friendship! 



Hole in the Soul

Coming soon!

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Super Moise Harvest Ale

Super Moist is a 7 hour "Soil to Boil" creation as these Hops were picked at Live Wire Hop Farm in Amboy, Illinois just 7 hours before we started our brewing process with them here at Khaos Brewing!

This Harvest Ale is very similar to a "Wet Pale Ale" in flavor.

Coming Soon!


Nuclear Pig

Coming Soon!

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Squirrels with Swords (Red Ale) (4.7% ABV) 

Easy drinking Red Ale featuring a striking dark red hue and a lightly roasted aftertaste. 

It's so good we wouldn't be surprised if you were ambushed by Squirrels with Swords looking to take it from you. Well...we would be a little surprised. 🐿🐿


Sexy Disaster Watermelon Hard Seltzer (Hard Seltzer) (6.0% ABV)

a bottle of wine on a table

Sexy Disaster Watermelon Hard Seltzer (Hard Seltzer) (6.0% ABV)

We took our base Seltzer "Sexy Disaster" and infused it with America's favorite energy drink - Red Bull! 

This push me, pull me Seltzer leads with a delightful Watermelon flavor and ends with a nice dry finish.

Appearing clear with a light red tint and clocking in at 6% ABV, this is one lovely libation. 

Please remember to fly responsibly.

Stay tuned for more Hard Seltzers from our Sexy Disaster Series! 

*Available in To-Go 12 ounce Cans*

*Currently Unavailable*